“Some are gone and some remain…”

As I’ve begun thinking about this blog and everything I want to tell you, I thought back on all the old houses I’ve loved during my lifetime. It’s taken me a while to realize that I am a serial antique-home-dweller. I’ve lived in twelve houses (and one apartment) in my lifetime, nine of which were built before 1940. One of them I recently found out was built in 1900! None of these were beautiful mansions, perfectly preserved, or tastefully updated. They all came with their share of idiosyncrasies, disfunction, and sometimes straight-up funk.

None of these were beautiful mansions, perfectly preserved, or tastefully updated.

They all needed renovations that I couldn’t give them, but now, I finally own my own home and can turn it into the best version of itself little-by-little. There are parts of it that remind me of different homes I’ve lived in over the years like the rectangular hallway, the little phone nook, and the corner built-ins in the dining room. There are other details in my old haunts that I’d love to have in our home.

You know what Simpkins Fixer does have that every single one of those houses had? A front porch! In my opinion, there is nothing more homey than a front porch to sit on and wave at neighbors and passers-by. And you know what else? They wave back. A front porch brings out the hospitality in everybody.

In addition to houses I’ve lived in, I also grew to love the homes of my grandmothers’. In college, I went with Nana (my maternal grandmother) to say goodbye to her childhood home before it was torn down to build a highway. We couldn’t go in, but we spent some time walking around outside and peeking in the windows.


As an adult, my whole family grieved when Grandmama (paternal grandmother who is now 95!) sold the house she lived in for over 60 years. I have so many memories playing Witches in the Tunnel in what seemed like a two-mile-long, L-shaped, hallway. In true Friends form, when I saw this photo of the empty living room I had to say “Has it always been green?”

Was there anything about the house you grew up in that you wished you could have changed?


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