Putting Your Best Face Forward

When we bought our house, I could see the cuteness of it right away even though it needed some help as far as curb-appeal goes. The front porch was dark and the ugly storm-door was hiding the cutie front door that looked plain painted white. A cheap, ugly roof had been put on the porch and was blocking light from the front windows. Besides the pretty liriope lining the sidewalk, there were no plants to draw your eye around the yard. Between the gravel driveway and the sidewalk was a patch of dirt and weeds with mismatched stepping stones to walk on.

Before shot

Daniel’s family came in town a week after we closed on the house and put the pedal to the metal. Daniel’s dad, helped him tear the roof off the front porch and replace the lock on the front door. His sister and her husband removed the glorious bald eagle on the front gable. Then I had to choose a pretty color to brighten up the front door! I took some color inspiration with me to Home Depot and compared a few different paint samples. After painting 2 or 3…or 4 colors on different parts of the door I settled on Mallard Trek Turquoise by Glidden. Before painting, I scraped off any loose paint and used an orbital sander to smooth it out. Then I used a good quality brush to paint three coats to cover up the bright white. I didn’t worry too much about keeping the paint off the windows and hardware, I just scraped it off with a razor blade when I finished.

A few months later, in the heat of August, we finally got around to doing some landscaping. We have a ton of shade in the summer from the huge tree in our front yard, so we chose some shade-lovers and some that enjoy part-sun. Hostas, Cast-Iron Plants, Begonias, and Creeping Jenny complemented our Liriope and Boxwoods beautifully and were very inexpensive.


We also snagged hundreds of pounds of stone for free from some neighbors who demolished their fireplace! We used it to line the driveway and front flower-bed. In typical Simpkins Fixer fashion, it only took us about eight months to do all this! If we had done it all at once, we probably could have finished it all in four or five days. All-in-all, it cost under $100 to do all of this and look at the difference it made!

What small projects have you done that made a huge impact?


2 thoughts on “Putting Your Best Face Forward

  1. What an amazing change just from doing those few, although not simple, things. I love seeing the before and after photos.

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